Aligning with the Divine Design

Evolutionary Keys to the Soul of your endeavors



Piule Cassandra

 Spiritual Life Guide & Holistic Facilitator

Visionary Designer & Project Development

As a mentor and facilitator, I hold open a space of possibility for the creative potential of your deepest visions to strengthen and flourish. So you can grow your divine values and inspirations from the inside out.


I support you to maintain the pillar's of wholeness and creative genius that is the core to your unfoldment of success.

I meet you where you are and offer the skills to develop your talents and greatest assets which is the guiding Light of your own soul. A resource that will always know the solutions to every question you may ask, to the growth curves that occur in all arenas of life, projects and relationships.

I help you stay rooted in your soul, in the strength of you true purposes.

I understand the power and delight for holding a big, bold vision to your life and what it means to address the primary vital resource to develop that vision as the thriving foundation which is needs to be nourished by. There is a guiding purpose which sets all our hearts visions in motion and to harness that, cultivate that and allow that to be the very fabric and thread which weaves all the details and becomes the reliable road map for every stage along the way, will be the greatest ally you will ever need.


Group Environment

Bi-Monthly Zoom Session

Group environments offer unique opportunities to evolve and learn in a unified group feild.

Our time is focused towards topics of evolutionary unfoldments which take place from the perspective of the soul.

Receive insights to ones own personal path aswell as the greater interconnected relationships in life. 

Enlightening and inspirational.

Visionary Design &

Project Development

You are a powerfully creative soul. So are your projects and business. It has emerged from the passion of your heart and much like you, has its own genius and purpose. It has soul.

When you create in partnership with its soul and yours, you enter a field of profound growth and miracles.

I offer the support to grow your projects creatively and consciously.

  1;1 Mentoring  

Personal & Professional

I assist people to re-align to the Divine design of Life & the unique destiny of their Souls purpose. I guide individuals & groups to move beyond obstacles & limitations so they can actualize their greatest potential in their endeavors. 


Engaging & developing the evolutionary skills which are a found at the level of the soul, is what aligns your deepest impactful destiny in this lifetime. 

"For those of us who chose very positive, high and powerful intentions, our intentions become the highest priorities and in effect the very cornerstones of and for our existence"
-John Jones


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Our endeavors are a living art of Love