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Choosing the key channels within digital advertising is important for your business. Today there are many mediums in which you can place ads. Whether it’s a text ad on Google or a video ad on Facebook, many platforms make it look and sound easy that being said, you can find yourself racking up a bill very quickly with no results.

Running digital media campaigns and promoting a business across many different ad platforms is not as easy as it sounds. Time, money, and energy goes into building a solid foundation to get measurable results. Done with the right strategy, vision and implementing is something that can build you business for the better. 

The majority of the platforms we use to drive revenue and actionable results for our clients are:

  • Google Ads

  • Facebook Ads

  • Instagram Ads

  • LinkedIn Ads

  • YouTube Video Ads

Which platform to reach your ideal clients and audience will depend on many factors, its best to research and evaluate to find the perfect balance for your specific needs and goals. The most important piece of planning a digital advertising campaign is knowing there is no “one size fits all” approach and we will first understand your goals, short term and long term to find the best channel(s). 

First understanding how each ad platform works, its targeting capabilities, and the demographic that uses it--all in tandem with your business objectives--will determine the strategy that will yield the best results. 

Digital Media is Not a “Set it and Forget it” Strategy

There is no secret sauce or snake oil in the digital media process. High quality PPC management or any paid media strategy, takes a keen eye and strategy to make data-driven decisions that yield actionable results. The amount of time, money, and energy that goes into managing and optimizing paid campaigns is no easy task. To put things in perspective, running a paid search campaign involves regularly adding negative keywords, testing ad copy, changing bids, audience management, adjusting match types, budgeting, and so much more. That is just one campaign type within one platform and is only about 5% of what it can do. There are at least three types of campaigns across over many different ad platforms.

You may see a lot of advertisements for automating your ads online like AdRoll or WordStream. The truth is, there is nothing automated about managing digital media campaigns and this can fast track your bank account to $0 with no ROI. Sure, the automation process may take certain behaviors and demographic data into account. However, when it comes down to truly understanding your business and target audience, there’s nothing better than a human approach from digital media experts.

When running digital media it is essential to understand your audience and your ideal clients plate form they are using also. How ads are delivered is an important part of managing paid campaigns. All in all, it is a lot of work and choosing the right partner that truly understands planning, targeting, and most importantly validating results is the best way to grow your business through digital media. 

So what can digital media marketing do for my business short and long term? 

Creative digital marketing can elevate your visions and business at the same time as elevating your community and clients.

In a nutshell, especially since 2020, just about everything and everyone is online. Where people are looking for what they need is done 1st hand with a online search. 2nd, people are spending 50% more time online, which means they are more influenced by advertising and social media than ever before. 

Our mission at El'kimia is towards empowerment, inspiration and elevation, which is why we chose holistic approaches in digital media marketing. 

Join hearts and hands with a creative marketing agency that becomes your team and carries your vision into the world with you.


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