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At El'kimia email marketing is core pillar with paid media marketing in our lead generation and nurturing focus, we strategically build campaigns that speak directly to your clients and community.  

We take the time to understand your business, audiences and past performance to develop integrated solutions – think of us as a true extension of your team. A successful email marketing campaign knows how to grab the attention of your prospects and clients. It’s common for people who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable of the technicalities behind email marketing and lead generation to make mistakes resulting in miscommunication with customers, or not following back up with a consistent offer. It’s imperative to find a dedicated team who knows your industry, who knows the interests of you clientele.

The primary importance to email marketing and connections. An email address can be viewed as an internet Social Security number (stay with us here). You need an email address to log into your social media accounts and favorite stores, apply for jobs, even receive important financial information. So, it’s valuable when a contact chooses to share their email address with your business and it’s your responsibility to provide them with the best experience. The good news is, unlike other marketing channels, email is not managed by a third-party entity. You control the messages you send to build lasting relationships and build your community.

When your business has a well-developed, personalized email strategy, your clients will reward you. Year after year, email marketing has been proven to generate the highest ROI for marketers. Email strategy can be continuously optimized for the best results. As the preferred medium to receive promotions and updates, email has a long history of stability and will always have a place in your digital strategy.

At El'kimia, email communication is integrated into our services and packages to optimize this channel of communication  There are 2 primary categories we focus on – Retargeting email communications from paid media campaigns and data based emails. We utilize these channels as ongoing services for our clients. We track and test and have a continuous and transformative process using real-time data to optimize performance in email marketing messages.

Are you ready to create impactful relationships via the inbox?

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