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Our collaborative "getting to know you" process helps become an extension of your team and truly gain an understanding of your business, vision, services and goals. We then use this insider knowledge to inform our research. Pairing real-time search data (don't worry, we'll crunch the numbers) with the content we create helps us pair your branded message with valuable keyword data that performs. 

This all sounds great, but what does this really mean for your company?

Since you're in the market for SEO services, let’s unpack some of the complexities of search engine optimization. First, let’s talk about SEO at a high level, and move into more details about this valuable digital marketing tactic, and how it can help your business.

By monitoring the signals search engines send about what consumers are searching for, you can start to be strategic about how you explain your goods and services to your end-user. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice, and quite frankly, the art of increasing the organic traffic volume 

to a website through quality content creation, optimization, and ongoing curation. This process should be executed with the goal of getting users the best, most relevant answers to the questions related to your business and services. 

Sounds simple, right?

Not so fast. Search engine optimization, whether it's for a retreat center, service, online program or product needs to always be considered a "long game" so to speak. We say this because taking the time to strategize and create holistic content that helps your typical user solve problems should take time. In fact, the sheer volume of SEO needed to make an impact in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) can be too much for a single person to handle, especially if your business likes to set big goals. 

Lets jump into some helpful tips that will allow a deeper understanding into the core elements of search engine optimization services, how content and SEO efforts are related.

As you start to focus on improving your organic traffic, it is important to recognize the role content plays in SEO efforts. Unless your intent is to improve the optimization of your existing website copy, not considering ongoing content creation as a complimentary effort alongside your SEO work is not recommended. Creating quality content that helps your end users understand your products and services is the foundation for many of the on-page SEO tactics listed above. Without these valuable words that describe what you do, search engines are unable to crawl and understand your website, and how it fits in with the rest of the search engine results it has to choose from and display to end users. 

There are two different types of content creation worth exploring. Basically, they are core website, or pillar content. Think about these pages as the content on your website's homepage, and leading directly from your website's navigation. The second type of content is cluster content. These are pages that address specific user questions and support the larger topics of your pillar page. 

 Are you ready to increase the quality of your organic traffic with SEO services?

The first step is to reach out, talk with our agency to see if the team at Elkimia are the right fit to serve your business and vision.


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