" Creativity, Love & Beauty is our nature, when we become present to the unfolding miracles of Life and the Divine within "

" At the center of my heart, life and work is the knowing that there is a Divine Design to Life. My joy is to connect individuals and groups to this creative force of Love and the aspect of the Soul, which can shine threw in  relationships, careers, projects and products to help enrich lives and the planet earth, our shared home."







As a natural energy healer, intuitive, spiritual life guide, Piule has a life long background in En-Theos herbalism and organic holistic lifestyle living. In her past 15 years as a visionary designer and entrepreneur she has assisted, founded and developed in the arenas of projects, products and businesses including one-one facilitation with individuals and in group environments.

 Devoting her time to her private practice, visionary projects and being a mother, she embodies the Light of her own Soul to assist The Divine Plan.

Piule has a consistent ever deepening personal practice via meditation, authentic prayerful service in benefit for all sentient being/s, perennial wisdom study and transformational alchemy. She engages with highly refined teachers on the path and her own guides including Spirit/God. She works unbiased and all-inclusive based in love, compassion, wisdom, genuine humility, kindness, care and respect to everyone.

Our endeavors are a living art of Love