" Every creation on Earth that serves a evolutionary purpose has a spiritual counterpart in the subtle energy realms"

Visionary Design & Project Development 

I work with people who are in the creative world of transformation-  visionary entrepreneur's, artists, healers, wisdom-keepers, coaches, teachers, wellbeing leaders, writers, community organizers, mystics, among others.

We all share a common thread, we want to create a loving, more just and harmonious world. To transform lives and communities, to serve generously and encompass sustainable prosperous lives in the process.

My passion and work is to assist the visions/projects and the individual visionary (you) to fulfill your most radiant sustainable goals in alignment with the wellbeing of Life.

My guiding philosophy is simple:

Stages in growth in a project/business/vision are propelled by personal growth.  As we evolve so to do our visions/projects and visa versa.  To stay ahead of the curve is a form of leading and comes with the territory of being a visionary. Everything external has a reflective element within. We follow the wisdom of the cosmos and nature as in form building of bio mimicry and macro-mirco levels. This will allow for a balanced relationship to ones personal self and the work that needs to be done for the project.

We must be able to grow our emotional and spiritual maturity to hold capacity for endeavors that are formed to group service and environments. One must become skilled at managing energy and overcoming challenges on the short term and long term. Small scale and larger. To maintain a holistic foundation and/or expansion that is true to one-self and the ecologies of the project, considering that all endeavors are resourced from multiply forms of energies, its important to navigate in such a manner to be successful.

In order to have a vision/ project thats aligned with your deepest values, you have to know what those values are, and practice acting on behalf of them everyday.

To grow a tree, you must nourish its roots.

To grow your visions and projects, you must nourish and grow your self.

So together, we start there.

Through clarifying conversations, imaginative journeying, subtle energy alchemy, intentional practices and intelligent discussions, we tap into the power of your soul vision, backed by clear and inspired action. Its a combination that unique and very effective.

What can be achieved is a dynamic and potentially life changing unfoldment and development for the vision and the visionary. A relationship that will last a lifetime and offer the wisdom to cultivate, nurture and unfold miracles for both your short term and long term goals.

What does it look like working with me? 

As I don't prescribe to one size fits all. Its a unique dialog for each vision, project or product that is being developed, the growth or goals that would like to be achieved and other factors of time and resources. 

Our first meeting is 15-20 minute free consultation to see if we are the ideal fit. 

I mentor or assist in single sessions or for a designed time duration to bring forward focused outcomes.

$120-400 per hour or contract based per project.



Our endeavors are a living art of Love